A pinch of this. A dash of that. And a whole lot of DIY. This is my journey. A chronicle of my adventures (and misadventures) with do-it-yourself projects, simple recipes and experiences surviving parenting and adulting.

Join me for the good, the bad, and the ‘nailed it!’ moments along the way.

Will You Accept the Plastic Free July Challenge?

It’s Plastic Free July. Don’t know what that is? I didn’t either until a few weeks ago. But I’m taking part this year and I hope you will too! Plastic Free July Eco Challenge I had…

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Nurses, Teachers, Military Spouses… Thank You!

Teacher Appreciation Week, Nurse Appreciation, Military Spouse Appreciation and Sunday brings Mother’s Day. Seriously. All rolled up in one week. Pretty sure teachers and nurses deserve their own week all to themselves. If not an entire…

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Batten Road Market

At the end of a dirt road, down by a riverbank, a collection of local artisans, small businesses and vendors are gathering to share their goods, services, crafts and passions at the Batten Road Market. You’re…

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Celebrating Teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers. The amazing people who help us raise our kids while stuffing their heads full of useful information and good habits. While I will gladly take as much of the credit as I can get for…

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Milkweed, Monarchs and Masterpieces: The Tale of a Preschooler and His Butterfly Garden

Spring is definitely here, and we’ve planted a butterfly garden to celebrate its arrival and prepare for the oppressive heat of summer. No, a butterfly garden won’t provide much shade from the hot summer sun, but…

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Dirty Pour – Acrylic Pour Fluid Painting for Beginners

If you aren’t artistically inclined, it’s easy to dismiss the idea of making your own art to decorate around the house. But making beautiful canvas art isn’t nearly as difficult as you might think. Dirty Pour…

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Rush & Ramble is Proud to Sponsor WordCamp Jacksonville 2018

Rush & Ramble is a proud sponsor of WordCamp Jacksonville 2018. WordCamp Jacksonville is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress. And at $35 for a two day ticket, including an After Party at Wicked Barley…

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3 Toddler Friendly Easter Crafts

It’s time for Easter crafts! Last year I shared how we substituted cool whip for shaving cream to make marbled Easter eggs. If you haven’t dyed eggs yet this year, I highly recommend giving it a…

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To the Creature Rescue

So I found a wasp trapped between the screen and the window. Except it wasn’t a wasp. No idea what it was, but I’ve obviously watched too much Wild Kratts with the little guy because I…

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