Hello Miss Kenaston's Class!

My Name is Jessica

I am Dustin's mom. I work in digital marketing.

I make websites, edit images, and write content.

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What is Content?

This is one example of written content. This is static content - it is not updated very often.

Images are also a type of content.

I Write for Blogs

Many websites have blogs. Blogs are not static content. They are updated with new content very often.

Blogs can be online journals, news, information on upcoming events, stories, or just about anything else you can imagine.

This is a Blog

Here are some posts about crafts and activities Dustin has done at home with me.

Volunteering with Kids

Over Thanksgiving break, Dustin joined me and The Wild Things at the zoo to help the zookeepers make animal Christmas Ornaments to sell as a fundraiser and to help sort and label animal ornaments for the…

Let's Talk About Germs - Rush & Ramble

Let’s Talk About Germs

The idea of germs is a bit abstract, especially to a kid. We’ve read about germs and watched Curious George deal with Toots the germ. He grasps the concept but, to help give a visual and…

Welcome to Camp

Summer Camp at Home: Welcome to Camp

If your summer is anything like ours, it probably feels like a bit of a let down. I’m grateful for our health. And, while I’m having to work less and juggle having a kid at home…

FREE Animal Coloring Book

Looking for some fun activities to do at home? Yeah, so are we! On nice days we’ve been enjoying the sunshine and gorgeous weather. There has been lots of frisbee, soccer, ladderball, corn hole, and even…

Celebrate Earth Day 2020! - RushandRamble.com

Celebrate Earth Day 2020!

Earth Day is almost here! Normally communities would be celebrating with beach and highway cleanups, festivals and expos, group hikes and bike rides, tree plantings, and other earth-loving activities. Not this year. Earth Day at a…

Sick Day Survival Crafts: Painting

Sick Day Survivors Log: Day 5 After four consecutive days of excess screen time and couch naps thanks to a 102 to 104 fever, a new fever has set in. I’m thrilled my little guy is…

Milkweed, Monarchs and Masterpieces: The Tale of a Preschooler and His Butterfly Garden

Spring is definitely here, and we’ve planted a butterfly garden to celebrate its arrival and prepare for the oppressive heat of summer. No, a butterfly garden won’t provide much shade from the hot summer sun, but…

3 Toddler Friendly Easter Crafts

It’s time for Easter crafts! Last year I shared how we substituted cool whip for shaving cream to make marbled Easter eggs. If you haven’t dyed eggs yet this year, I highly recommend giving it a…

Naturally Scented Play Dough Recipe

Did you play with play dough as a kid? I know I did. I was the kid that loved play dough but could not handle mixing the colors together. Once they got all mishmash together it…

Cool Whip Easter Eggs

Easter is next weekend, which means egg hunts, Easter baskets, commemorative photos of terrified children and giant bunnies, and yes, dyed eggs. This is my first year letting my son near the dye so I thought…

Squirrel Feeders

Squirrels can be real pests, so why make a squirrel feeder? My son loves animals. We spend a lot of time visiting the zoo and learning about the animals that live there. We’ve pet penguins and…

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