Plastic Free July 2020 Eco Challenge

Plastic Free July 2020 Eco Challenge

Have you ever heard of Plastic Free July? It’s a movement that dedicates the month of July to raising awareness for the ways we can improve the environment by reducing the amount of plastic (especially single use plastic) we use in our daily lives. I know I’ve let a lot of my better habits slip. I’ve used way more single use plastic since this pandemic started, but there are still plenty of way to reduce plastic use and make choices that are better for the environment.

Plastic Free July Eco-Challenge

There is also an annual eco-challenge hosted by zoos and aquariums from across the country.You don’t have to be affiliated with any of them to participate. You can join an existing team or start your own team with friends, family or coworkers. Challenge each other to a little friendly competition and watch your environmental impact add up!

Educate yourself, your friends, your family, your community. Invite them to participate with you. I know some companies that create a team and give out awards to the top 3 participants. It can be a lot of fun. Even if all you do is watch 1 documentary about plastic and waste or swap out one household product for a plastic-free replacement, you’ve made a difference!

Please consider joining me in the Plastic Free July Eco-Challenge this year. Sign up now to check it out and learn more.

Plastic Free July Resources

Want to learn more about reducing plastic use? Here are some great resources to get you started:

Plastic Free July Eco Challenge


Ocean Conservancy – Skip the Straw

Plastic Pollution Coalition

Florida Department of Environmental Protection – Skip the Straw

Greenpeace – How to Participate in Plastic Free July

Rush and Ramble – Plastic Free July 2018

Rush and Ramble – Plastic Free July 2019


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