Bobcat in a Box

Signing up to be a Den Leader can feel like getting thrown into the deep end of a mile-wide pool with no flotation devices. I know from firsthand experience. My son joined cub scouts at the tail end of his Tiger year (first grade), so we were only able to attend two meetings before the…

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Why Cub Scouts?

June is already coming to a close, which means the school year will be here before you know it. And the start of the school year means the return of extracurricular activities. If you and your child are looking for a fun new adventure this year, I recommend giving Cub Scouts a try! We first…

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It’s About More Than Popcorn

I no longer hate popcorn and nuts. Something hit me, somewhere between the 4th hour of Show and Sell and the 16th visit to a neighbors house… it really is about more than popcorn and nuts.

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Memorial Day Weekend Reminder

American Flag

Memorial Day is coming up, so here is a little reminder: Please be considerate when wishing people a “Happy Memorial Day.” Yes, it is a weekend full of celebrations and you mean well, but for too many military families it is a day of remembrance for a loved one they lost in service to their…

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Volunteering with Kids

Over Thanksgiving break, Dustin joined me and The Wild Things at the zoo to help the zookeepers make animal Christmas Ornaments to sell as a fundraiser and to help sort and label animal ornaments for the animal enrichment wish tree. I so appreciate the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens and JZG AAZK for allowing Dustin to…

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Let’s Talk About Germs

Let's Talk About Germs - Rush & Ramble

The idea of germs is a bit abstract, especially to a kid. We’ve read about germs and watched Curious George deal with Toots the germ. He grasps the concept but, to help give a visual and make the concept more real, I decided we’d do a little experiment at home. I shopped around and ended…

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Summer Camp at Home: Welcome to Camp

Welcome to Camp

If your summer is anything like ours, it probably feels like a bit of a let down. I’m grateful for our health. And, while I’m having to work less and juggle having a kid at home full time, we are fortunate we are able to make things work. Unfortunately, with COVID numbers still on the…

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Plastic Free July 2020 Eco Challenge

Have you ever heard of Plastic Free July? It’s a movement that dedicates the month of July to raising awareness for the ways we can improve the environment by reducing the amount of plastic (especially single use plastic) we use in our daily lives. I know I’ve let a lot of my better habits slip.…

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Birthday Bummer – Or Is It?

With everything going on right now, birthday parties seem trivial. But he doesn’t understand protests, riots or social justice. All he really understands is coronavirus germs are bad and a curfew means you must be home by that time or else. And even if he did understand more, it wouldn’t change the fact that in…

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