Why Cub Scouts?

June is already coming to a close, which means the school year will be here before you know it. And the start of the school year means the return of extracurricular activities. If you and your child are looking for a fun new adventure this year, I recommend giving Cub Scouts a try!

We first joined Cub Scouts at the tail end of the scouting year in the spring of 2021. Since then, we have camped in swamps and by lakes, shots bows and arrows, learned range safety, built Pinewood Derby cars, won gold medals with those cars (!), attended hockey games, toured Daytona International Speedway, have an overnight at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, been knighted at the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire, sold popcorn and nuts, learned about ecosystems, dinosaurs, math, cooking and conservation, explored countless areas in our local community, and so much more! It has been an adventure every step of the way and we have created memories as a family that never would have been possible without scouts.

8 Reasons to Join Cub Scouts

Why Cub Scouts? There are several benefits to children joining Cub Scouts, a program for boys and girls from kindergarten to fifth grade. Here are a few to get you started:

Character Development

Cub Scouts is a game with a purpose! The program promotes character development by instilling values such as honesty, respect, responsibility, and good citizenship. Through various activities and interactions, children learn important life skills and develop a strong moral compass.

Outdoor Adventures

Cub Scouts emphasizes outdoor activities, giving children opportunities to explore nature, develop outdoor skills, and engage in adventures like camping, hiking, fishing, and more. These experiences promote a love for the outdoors and help children develop an appreciation for the environment.

Social Interaction

Being part of a Cub Scout Pack provides children with the chance to make new friends and build social skills. They work together in teams, participate in group activities, and develop teamwork and leadership abilities. Cub Scouts often form lasting friendships through their shared experiences.

Learning and Skill Development

Cub Scouts offers a wide range of educational opportunities. Children learn various skills, including first aid, camping skills, woodworking, cooking, and many more. These activities promote hands-on learning and personal growth, fostering self-confidence and life-skills competence.

Family Involvement

Cub Scouts is a family activity. It encourages family involvement, providing opportunities for parents or guardians to participate in activities and strengthen the parent-child bond. Families attend meetings, outings, and camping trips together, creating shared experiences and lasting memories.

Community Service

Cub Scouts emphasizes community service and teaches children the importance of giving back. Through service projects, children learn compassion, empathy, and the value of making a positive impact in their communities.

Fun and Adventure

Cub Scouts offers a wide range of fun and exciting activities, games, and challenges. Children engage in age-appropriate adventures that keep them active, curious, and engaged while providing opportunities for personal growth and enjoyment.

Preparation for Scouts BSA

Cub Scouts serves as an introduction to the Scouting program, and transitioning to a Troop is a natural progression. By joining Cub Scouts, children can lay the foundation for their future involvement in Scouts BSA, where they can continue to develop leadership skills and engage in more challenging outdoor adventures and potentially become an Eagle Scout some day.

Find the Right Cub Scout Pack for You!

It’s important to note that the specific experiences and opportunities vary depending on the local Cub Scout Pack and its leaders. Families should research and connect with packs in their area to gather more detailed information about meeting schedules and the activities the pack participates in and plans for their Cub Scouts.

There is nothing wrong with “shopping” for a cub scout pack. Go to a meeting, attend an event, and get to know the scouts and the families before joining a specific pack. I mean, if you are going to speak a weekend in the woods together, you might want to make sure you it’s a good fit for everyone involved.

No matter where you end up, I hope you will get out there, explore, and have adventures that become your child’s favorite memories!

Cub Scout Pack 484

If you are in the Jacksonville Area and thinking about giving Cub Scouts a try, I encourage you to reach out and come visit Pack 484 in Mandarin! If we aren’t the right fit for you, that’s okay! We will be happy to help you connect with other Packs in the area to find your Cub Scout the right fit where they will feel known and know they belong.

To learn more about Pack 484, visit Pack484Jax.com

Our Cub Scout Adventures


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