Cub Scouts

Bobcat in a Box

June 30, 2023 /

Signing up to be a Den Leader can feel like getting thrown into the deep end of a mile-wide pool with no flotation devices. I know from firsthand experience. My son joined cub scouts at the tail end of his Tiger year (first grade), so we were only able to attend two meetings before the…

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Why Cub Scouts?

June 29, 2023 /

June is already coming to a close, which means the school year will be here before you know it. And the start of the school year means the return of extracurricular activities. If you and your child are looking for a fun new adventure this year, I recommend giving Cub Scouts a try! We first…

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It’s About More Than Popcorn

September 5, 2022 /

I no longer hate popcorn and nuts. Something hit me, somewhere between the 4th hour of Show and Sell and the 16th visit to a neighbors house… it really is about more than popcorn and nuts.

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