To the Creature Rescue

So I found a wasp trapped between the screen and the window. Except it wasn’t a wasp.

No idea what it was, but I’ve obviously watched too much Wild Kratts with the little guy because I was all like “To the creature rescue!”

With the help of a plastic cup and sheet of paper, the rescue effort was a success.

Except halfway through rescuing said creature, I thought “oh shi….” You see, we NEVER open this particular window because it’s damn near impossible to close, even with two people. You have to push the top half up while you use all your body weight to push the bottom half down and you need an extra set of hands to close the locks. Even with the husband home, we really struggle every time we deal with this stupid window. That’s why we’ve agreed no matter how nice the weather. DO NOT OPEN THE WINDOW!

Welp, it was just me home. Don’t I feel clever.

It required a stepstool and a brief eternity of grunting and groaning, I nearly killed myself and I think I bruised an elbow and a thumb, but I took care of it.

This is also how I feel when I open a jar of pickles for the first time. Anyone else?

The worse part, I’m sitting here thinking wow, lots of excitement for one day. Not exactly a bone-chilling Friday the 13th story, but hey, I guess this is what “exciting” looks like these days.

Side note: anyone happen to know what this crazy wasp butterfly is?


Military spouse and mom of one with experience in marketing, volunteer management and, most recently, web design, project support and copy writing. Currently leveraging a BS in Marketing from a top University to negotiate with a pint-sized version of myself. Outside of work and managing the household, I am a serial dabbler and have rarely met a craft or hobby I didn't enjoy. Whether it's painting, volunteering, or running through the sprinklers, there's always some small way to make every day its own adventure.

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