Jewelry Clutter Part 2

It didn’t take long for the lingering pile of earrings to get to me. After some more Pinterest browsing and some Google searching I settled on a solution and was off to the hardware store the first change I got. Similar to the cup hooks, I opted for some eye hooks this time.

Of course, since they didn’t have small cup hooks in silver, it makes perfect sense they would only have eye screws in silver. Thankfully I’m not too concerned with coordinating my hooks or this might make me twitch a little.

Jewelry Clutter - Organizing Earrings

I chose to use #14 1 1/16″ screw eyes. These gave large enough openings to easily slide earring hooks in and out of without being overbearingly large. They did have some smaller options but I didn’t want to have to take the rubber backs off the earwire every time. I also contemplated getting a larger eye screws and putting multiple pairs or earrings on each one, but I wanted to be able to see each pair at a glance and keep the screws minimally visible.

Jewelry Clutter - Organizing Earrings

Again, I opted not to take the shelf down to add the screws. If I had, I would have measure it out and marked spots for the eye screws so they would be evenly spaced in straight rows.

Jewelry Clutter - Organizing Earrings

Aside from having to use different finishes on the screws and hooks, I’m pretty pleased with the end result.


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