About Me - The Ramble

I love to try new things. One week I may be diving deep into jewelry making, then next I'm sewing bow ties for my son or engrossed in new recipe experimentation in the kitchen. Projects are my way of keeping things new and interesting. Plus I'm always getting to learn new things. It usually starts with a simple idea or project and then somehow evolves (or devolves) into scouring the internet for tutorials, tips, hacks and new ways of doing things.

My projects are also my way of carving out time to do something for myself. I like to find new, sometimes overly ambitious, projects around the house or fun ways to dedicate an afternoon to doing something different and special with my son. Whether it's sensory play, painting, volunteering, or running through the sprinklers, there's always some small way to make every day its own adventure.

About My Circus - The Rush

I'm not a control freak. I often like to ‘play it by ear’ but there’s always some underlying thought process rationalizing the unplanned plan. This need for some sense of control is a constant struggle, which is why I adore the mantra “not my circus, not my monkeys.” My rallying cry to accept the chaos and release control because, let’s face it, I never had any to begin with. My motto, tether to sanity, and reminder that any catastrophe that befalls is simply not. my. fault.

But then one morning I woke up to realize my life had become a circus. This IS a circus. MY circus. And guess what? That little half-me running around is, in fact, MY monkey.

Now, I’ve embarked on a new journey. One of acceptance. Acceptance that this is my circus, these are my monkeys, and the only thing I can do is embrace the experience and enjoy the ride.